How to handle an expensive product?

I was wondering if there are people here who work selling or with clients that sell high-end products like $500- $7000 items.

I currently am starting a luxury decor business and do not really know where to go to get traffic, my goal is to hit the demographic of women around the age of 55-80.

I was thinking of using FB ads but would not know if running ads would ruin my products’ authenticity and make them seem less luxurious. I really do not know where to begin with advertsing so curious to hear others’ opinions.

Hi there, usually for high ticket services we prefer to use SEO methods and organic traffic since it is really hard to find clients through fb & IG ads for high ticket services or products however what I suggest you do is make a good website with showcases of your work and build instagram and facebook fanbase and grow organically on both sites (even tho facebook is better for older ages)