How To Have Multiple Devices Logged Into Account From Different Locations?

Hey guys, so i grow my accounts through a private desktop server and use 4G mobile proxies based in Portugal.

My clients are logged in through their own mobile devices as well, all in the US.

Now, I’m looking to put offer management to post and manage their accounts which would require a third party fulfiller or an employee, but im afraid 3 different locations & IP addresses might flag client accounts.

I’m sure there’s a way of doing this since people offer management & growth, if anyone has any insights that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :crossed_fingers:t2:

If you are using an Authorised Scheduler,I don’t think it will cause any problems to the account.

Another clue,Use a script to be hosted locally for scheduling and autoposting,this way you can post without any third party app and do it in-house.

Would use hootsuite or later for scheduling but as for DM & Comment management, fulfiller would have to login to some device whether browser or mobile to execute.

That really depends on what all services you provide in a package.But if you are providing scheduling with comment and dm management,You need to either hire a VA which will be the best fit for you.

right, which i have no problem with, my concern is an issue with the VA logged in, client logged in, and software logged in at the same time from different locations.