How to identify Ghost/Inactive Followers with a list of followers scraped with Larve

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The title basically says it all. I scraped a list of the followers of my main account using Jarvee (with additional information).

After finishing I got an Excel sheet with all the Accounts and Info in it. However all the information on one Account (like username, followers, following, etc.) is written into one single box and not divided into columns (like one column for username, one for followers, you get it…) which makes it hard to filter them. How can I achieve that?

Also what filters would you apply? I thought about following less than 1500 people and no profile picture. What else?

My goal was to have a filtered list and then remove those Ghosts manually.

Thanks for your help!

Apply filters such as no recent post for last xxx days.
You may apply filters to unfollow people who have not interacted with your XXXX last posts.

The opportunities are many. However every single filter you set will result in extra api calls, if using api mode ofcourse, and if using eb mode, this can result additional system requirements of your system to be able to run many filter actions.

You should consider what is critical for you and only stick to those filters. The trick is keeping them as few as possible but as effective as possible.


Do you want to scrape those that are generally inactive or if they are not engaging with your content?


Well I actually both would be great :smiley:

But I guess those who are generally inactive would be a good beginning :slight_smile:

Check out this thread, maybe it could help you :slight_smile:

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Here’s what I recommend and have used for clients in the past:

Block/remove the follower if all of the following apply:

  • User has no posts in the last 90 days
  • User has between 0-100 followers
  • User has between 1000-6000 followings
  • Do not block likers
  • Do not block commenters

Only block the user if ALL of the above filters are met
Remove user instead of blocking them

Hope that helps!


You can scrape inactive followers using the Block Followers tool:
1, Go to Block Followers tool, check the option “Block specific users” and check the option “Apply User Filters when blocking specific users”.
2. Click Add Own Followers.
3. Use these filters:

4. Check the following option in the Limit section:
5. Start the Block Followers tool.

Try checking this option in Settings > Software settings, maybe it will help.

If not, you can open the results file, block the column A, click DATA > Text to Column > Delimited > Next > choose the correct delimiter > Next > Finish


Thank you guys!