How to identify if the account is automated or not?

Can someone help me to understand how can some account grow upto 40k in 4 months ?


If this is spam I’m not sure what to buy. Please clarify

Actually I have posted for the first time so I wasn’t aware but my question is how can someone know that an account is automated or not?

One thing to look for is following: if they’re following more than 2,000 people they’re most likely using automation.

You’d need to specify “automated”

Since accounts can be grown to that size in faster time periods without “automated” actions.

True to your original question, you’d need to track the account and catch patterns.

But even then, you can’t guarantee that these patterns are “automated”

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Always check the following/followers rate. This is by far the best indication.

Organically grown accounts are following a few other accounts but are followed by thousands or million of accounts.

Whereas, an automatically grown account has as high number of accounts following (from the follow-unfollow).

Or, another way to checking is to actually manually inspect the followers accounts. If there are multiple followers (of your target account) that have private profiles without many followers, can be (but not with certainty) an indication that the account owner bought fake followers.

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is it possible for an account to grow aroung 40k in 4 months without automation?

I feel this won’t be an accurate metric to identify if a person is using automation or not

Depends who’s doing the automation :smiley: if it’s a pro behind that account it’s hard that you’ll be able to see it :smiley: if IG’s algorithms are having difficult time noticing it, how can we notice it…

Yes Louis, the sky is the limit…together with your budget :slight_smile:

There’s no checkbox that says “Hey, I’m automating”. There are only some metrics that show an account might be automating. A couple of things things include:

  • Using follow/unfollow method (if they’re following over 2,000 there’s a good chance they are automating)
  • Spammy comments

You can if an account is following a lot of people daily using SocialBlade. You can also see if an account is spamming comments by looking on a page with a big follow (1M+) and see if they’re posting similar comments on each new post.

All you have to do is to look at the statistics.
For some accounts 1 week of data is enough to identify if they are using automation or not, and for some you might need 3+ months old data of that account.

  • Following/Follower ratio daily/weekly/monthly growth. Usually people who automate have constant growth/decline +/- on both followings/follower numbers. You can easily tell if the account is automating Follow/Unfollow with this.
  • Engagement/Followers ratio. Accounts who have small % engagement are usually automated/were automated or bought followers at some point.
  • Average daily/weekly/monthly growth (check if there are any spikes) and why. Usually there are spikes if someones post went viral or there is giveaway etc… If there are no viral posts/giveaways at that day there is a chance that the followers that day were bought. Same with the decline (ex. if the daily growth of an account is 10 followers daily, and you see a decline of -200 followers were lost in 1 day, i can say there is 99% chance that the account bought followers at some point.
  • Like/Comment ratio. 90% of the accounts who have organic growth have at least 100/1 Like/Comment ratio, meaning 1 comment for every 100 likes. If you see an account with 1k likes and 2 comments, the chances are that, that account is automated or was automated at some point.

There are more indicators that can be used to identify, but these are the most important ones, at least for me.

Also, if you want to go deeper into the account history, simply extract it’s followers and accounts who engaged with the account. Look,compare and you will see everything that you want to know about the account.


everyday and common af. Also, if an account grows 40k in 4 months – 99% of the time it is NOT automated. You cannot tell if automated unless your have info Instagram does.

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You can’t grow 40K in 4 months with just follow and unfollow on the main. You can do it with a ton of slaves but it won’t be as noticeable from looking at the main.

You can use IGBlade to see how their followings changed over time and if they have used F/U strategy it’s prety clear