How to Import accounts into Jarvee

I am wondering if anyone knows the format in which you need to put your accounts in a text file with to import them into jarvee? example…username:password|proxy
I see the demo they put in it but it doesn’t make any sense to me?
Any help would be appreciated!

Copy the demo file to notepad and fill the infomation.
What are you having problems with the demo file?

It opens in notepad but there’s a bunch of different stuff in there…I thought you just had to upload a file that had them in a format like the example i gave.

it is exactly as you said, they got a format. The export file just showing different example.

It is something like this: name,username,password,proxy… and so on
Add that export file in excel and divide data in columns then u will know what you can import. For importing just save that excel as .csv and you are good to go

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