How to Import Scrapers in Bulk

How to Import Scrapers in Bulk

  1. Buy scrapers from a trusted supplier.
  2. Copy and paste the scrapers’ credentials to Google document. Split the data into different columns.

  1. Go to Jarvee then to Social Profiles.
  2. In Social Profiles, click Add Profile then it will show you various types of social media accounts. Do not click any of them but click the “show demo import file”.

  1. After clicking the “show demo show demo import file” an excel file will be opened for you. Delete its contents but the title of each column.

  1. Fill in the excel file with the credentials of the scrapers and other necessary information. If done, save the excel file. (If you do these in another server, simply copy the excel file and paste or send it to the server where you will connect the scrapers)

  1. Go to the Jarvee again then to Social Profiles.
  2. Before connecting the scrapers, click “Hide IG Scraper Accounts” and type on the “filter” the unique name of the scrapers. Click import accounts under “Instagram” and click the excel file you saved.

  1. Wait for the scrapers to be connected.
  2. Set up one scraper with these settings:

  1. Copy the settings to other connected scrapers.

  1. Verify the scrapers (and if you want to export them in a “scraper vault” you may).

Nice share, it will be helpful for some users :slight_smile: It’s always exciting adding new forces to Jarvee! :smiley:

Now there is no a “Hide IG Scraper Accounts” option, so I don’t know exactly how to to dit. Also when I tried to import the csv separated by commas jarvee says that 0 account was imported. I don’t know if the csv separated by comma should looks like this:

Las thing is, should I delete all the broken scrapers before importing? or jarvee just replace aleatory the new scrapers from thee csv sep. commas file?


If I have to write one scraper username name and password again I’m going to cut my fingers. Simply. :joy: LOVE YOU ALL

Hi. Could you please try sending screenshot of the CSV file content so I can further assess it?

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Nice guide. thank you for sharing

you’re always welcome :muscle: :grin: @mykel7mj

thank you so much, hope it helps ! :muscle:

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You should close the import file before you import it. If you keep the file open, the import will not work.

Not sure what you mean by this, the option is still there in Social profiles tab.

Hello @KAMAKANY could you please send us the screenshot of the content of your CSV file? Sometimes, the scrapers don’t get imported because there are quotation marks (" ") included in the file.

This is the csv. sep. comas I saved from and excel. file. I would like to replace my brunt scrapers (keeping the proxys), waht should I do Tal? Thank you.

Hi @KAMAKANY you still have to fill out the name, the proxy details and the email validation port.

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Perfect, thanks again Tal. I don’t know why, but when I save an excel file as csv separated by comas it keeps it original apparience, do you know why not all the columns going to the first one with all the word separated by commas? I saw you on youtube and I though “this guy has a hard accent”, but now Im writing with my horrible English so now the game is tied :joy: hahahaha thank you man!!! :joy:

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To import scrapers from csv, you don`t need to add anything more than Username nad password.

Anything changed?

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That’s it. All other informations are optional.

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Yes. You need to add proxy details if you want to connect your scraper accounts to a proxy and as for the email validation port, I added it to do automatic bulk email validation just in case.

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@KAMAKANY For sure! please let us know if you need help :muscle: :grin:

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But also you can just import them and split between proxies added to software :stuck_out_tongue::pray:

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