How to increase engagement 85k

So I got really I’ll but am better now, during my illness I did not post for two months

My engagement tanked!

I have 85k and only get 50-75 likes with 300-500 reach from my own audience.

What are ways I can increase engagement overtime.

Any tips, automation ads etc

Help me please.

Two months isn’t too long (it’s not like those users don’t exist anymore!)

Consistent and high-quality posting, along with engagement from yourself, should bring that engagement back.

A good way to think of this is how IG’s algorithms work:

They’ll show content to users who have the most relevance to your page and chance of liking your content.

They haven’t engaged for two months, so IG won’t risk that hard-earned attention by showing them things they might not like.

Remember: For all they know, they just haven’t engaged with your page for two months because they didn’t like it - you have to prove those algorithms wrong.

If you managed to build 85k followers you should know how it works :sweat_smile:
But most important thing will always be content - content is king.
To increase engagement there are tons of possibilities:

  • Giveaways
  • Daily stories
  • Call to action
  • Engage with your followers / followings posts
  • DM people

List goes on… Building a community is whats all about. You can use automation for this for sure or buy services.

The 85k was built by years of F/U before it became dangerous.

Since then I have trouble with growth

What was the engagement prior to your absence?
You have very low engagement, my Girlfriends account has 500 followers and gets 200 likes organically.

I took 6 months off posting on my 8k and 165k pages and didn’t see that much of a drop,

Have you added fake followers or smm bot?
Do you post original content or repost?
How many story views do you get?

A way to boost it temporarliy is to go back to when you had more engagement and write down all the users that were constantly liking your posts. You can scrape post likers with jarvee and use excel to find duplicates.

Like and comment on these users posts. You can even dm them saying you have been sick and not active. But are back in action.

However, if your page has always been screwed then you will need to get rid of inactive users and fake followers. This ruins your engagment. Then start working on making better content and getting people engaged.

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Are you still using F/U and automation for growth?

Also, has it always been like that or you’re saying that your engagement recently dropped?

This is not representative. Because a Personal account under 10K will in most cases have more engagement than a Brand account or Influencer Account. Because of the actual human connections that care about the person (school, work etc)

But yes, I see your point in the rest of your Message.

Well ok. My 165k repost account gets above 10k likes and my 7k fitness one gets about 150. Male fitness is a hard niche in its own.

My point is there is something terribly wrong with his engagement. Either a shadow ban or a lot of ghost/fake followers.

Yeah, I agree with this. I assume one of those two should be the issue here.

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