How to increase follow back rate?


Can someone give advice how to increase follow back rate?

I have some real looking accounts. I follow the follower of selected accounts of me, mostly nice girls where I know most of the followers are male. They are not really big ~100k follower.

But on some accounts the follow back rate is low. How can I increase that?

By finding better accounts to use. If the ones you’re looking at the followers from don’t work for you, then they’re not the right people to target.


Use the profil picture of a guy (or girl), ideally looking at the camera and what he said above.

Can I say that when one account doesn’t work another related account will work because it’s possible that the person follow both accounts which I targeted

Already doing that

It’s possible, but it’s also possible that just because they’re following the same types of accounts it doesn’t mean they’ll follow yours too.

Side story to give you a wider picture of someone else’s experience:

Recently I’ve been struggling with two specific accounts, where I follow the followers of someone who obviously has an interest in the same type of stuff, but I’ve been getting blocked by more than enough to say it’s not a coincidence. Not following back, sure, that means they’re either bot accounts or not interested. But blocking, that means they’re real and disagree with your content. Which makes no sense if they’re already following an account with the same type of stuff.

So like my first line… just because they’re following someone doesn’t mean they’ll want to follow you.


That happen to me as well, and I am following no one, just liking (no more of 3 pictures of an account), I stopped following people after 20K. I mean, it is not a lot of accounts that block me, but I may have like 15 that have blocked me.
The content is my own and is no offensive at all. More fashion-lifestyle-trips-model account.
I don´t get it. Maybe they get angry because I like the pic and don´t follow them when they follow back (if they do).

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Anyway, try to use smaller usernames. Accounts around 100k have other big accounts following them, and those don´t follow back, magazines or brands etc…