How to increase post reach in fb groups?

Any mp guide how to set up accounts to automatically like each others group posts?
Or is there another way to increase reach?

You can do this with a simple trick.

  1. If you comment (or comment&like) instead of like, the impact on the reach will be even higher, and the post will also be bumped inside the group.

  2. here are the settings:

  • use the comment&like module,
  • on the sources tab, pic the groups you are going to post in.
  • on the settings tab, choose to comment by keywords.
  • use the checkbox “also like the target post” under the comment box.

now here comes the trick: on all your posts to these groups, add a keyword (or a hashtag) that ONLY YOU will use, and other people that post to these groups will NOT use.
i.e. #cool is not a good keyword,
but #DragonRules might be better

put the same keyword on the keyword field on the left side of the comment box in mp.

that’s it.