How to increase the number of followers by 500 a day?

I watched a competitor’s account.It was his 700 followers account, but without following unfollowing, the number of followers increases by 200 a day and then more than 500.

How do we get that increase without any issues? He even posts the same topics and pictures as I do.

@lee PM me his username and yours, I will take a look at the accounts and maybe notice the difference :slight_smile:

His account is not much different from mine.Same nicha, same repost.

I wonder how an account with no hashtag, follow unfollow, just posting can grow fast and get lots of like

his growth rate

They might have some external promotion going on … from websites, advertising, youtube,… etc

Are those real follower? M/S?

They have to be using extra promotion that you don’t know about, like slave accounts that shoutout the account or, as @monzo said, some kind of external promotion outside of Instagram.

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I am very much curious about this Slave to mother account type of relationship, how it works and what are some effective strategies around this.

A lot of information is already here :slight_smile:


Better compare the engagement growth then just the followers :slight_smile:


Thanks man! Right after I posted that - I was in the search finding and now reading the posts :slight_smile:

Just a side question - anyone here know of anyone selling mother to slave services?

If you do Regular shoutouts for shoutouts with average likes of 2k to 3k a post then it’s easy to gain such a number daily. I used to have same numbers since last 2-3 weeks. I have stopped gaining from last 3 days due to shadow ban. But, to gain such a number, your content really matters as well.

Where can I buy shot out

How can I grow my account while growing engagement

Engagement goes hand in hand with followers. Or better said: Good engagement causes growth in followers, especially nowadays. I know, we all like the numbers and are allways watching them, but the social media is for beeing, like its name “social” and the IG algorythm pushes that.

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What niche is your group in? I’m interested in joining.

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