How to increase your Instagram Follower Activity?!

Hey Guys,
My Instagram account has little bit over 27K but the interaction is not that good.
I’m only getting between 200-500 Likes per Image.

Is there a way to gain more publicity?!

Or is creating fake accounts that likes the stuff from my main account a good option?

I have some companies that I want to work with but they prefer more attractive Accounts.

That’s my account:

Best Regards Jan


Joining engagement group is a good idea to get more engagements on your account so that it will appear in the search results for your related term.

You can join here


Looks like a high quality account.

How did you get that many followers with such low engagement, or better question - when did you notice the engagement stopped increasing with followers, or were you inactive for a while?


Right hashtags should be able to help here.

I love pointing users to this threads :smiley: :


Hey, I really don’t know why the interaction rate stays this low. I’m posting really high quality pictures and try to stay in contact with followers with comments and direct messages.

When I know why this happens it would be a hell easier to solve the problem :sweat_smile:

Best regards

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Thank you!

How many people are using this form right now?

Can’t wait to see if this affects my interaction rate.

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Thats extremely low! (Take no offence).

I took a look at all my accounts with 20-30k followers and the lowest amount of likes are 1108.

There is something seriously wrong.

Did you purchase any followers on this account?

How old is the account?

How often do you post?

Was there a long duration of inactivity on the account?

Did you bait and switch?
(EX: Posting pictures of cats, then switched to posting pictures of all types of animals)

What methods did you get your followers?

  • Following / Unfollowing
  • Liking
  • Shoutouts
  • Promoting using other social media platforms
  • Advertisements
  • Other

I have the same problem with my biggest account (all real followers, no boosts). It’s a 10-15k account with only 150 likes.
I’m only posting quality pictures. I’m the only one in my niche and the account it’s focused on my city and its region.

Stats (it’s a business account): 23k impressions, 6k reach, 2k profile views, +250 new followers per week.
Stats per picture: 3k impressions, 2,5k reach, 150 engagements

I think that I’ll start using the Block tool and block some users with no profile picture, not posted in the last X days, etc.

Can you tell me how many impressions/reach do you have?


I don’t see this offensive, but you are right.

I never purchased any followers, only using Massplanner.

I have the Account since September 2015.

I try to post a minimum on 4 Days a Week but never more than 6-8 Pictures a Day.

On the beginning there was some inactivity.

from the beginning Im Posting about 3D Printing.

I’m using : Follow/Unfollow , Liking, Commenting.

I’m really dont know how its possible that I dont get more activity even with more Followers.

80k impressions, 11k reach, 2.5k profile views, +1.4K new followers per week.

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This does not make sense still. You should be getting more engagement.

Here are my tips:

  • Post 2 pictures/day at peak hours
    You may need to post 10 pictures in one day to see which time provides you with the most engagement.

  • Use hashtags that you can actually get featured under.
    I see that lots of the hashtags you are using have more than 1 million posts which is way to congested for you to benefit from at your current engagement rate

  • Improve your targeting.
    Find sources to target that have a high engagement rate.

  • Expand your targeting.
    Find sources similar to 3D printing such as other tech art, and even hydraulic press accounts.

  • Post more videos with time lapse
    For your niche, people love to see nothing turn into something

  • If you own a 3D printer, then print some really cool things that are viral.
    Pokemon Go, Hot Knifing 3D creations, and anything else viral

  • See if you can do shoutout for shoutout with other 3D Printing accounts or hydraulic press accounts.

If I were you, I would create a 2nd account, and copy your main account. Since your main accounts engagement is in the negatives, it would take ages to bring your engagement to a positive rate. By creating a new account you start at a neutral engagement, thus allowing you to get more engagement faster. If you were to create a new account with the tips above, you should match your main accounts engagement within 2 months if not sooner.

Hope this helps! & Good Luck!


WOW thank you so much !

I will first try to cure my current account.

creating a completly new Account will be the very last option for me.

Best Regards


I respect your decision to try and cure your current account. I promise you it will take months to fix if not longer. Instagram limits exposure on every account. The more engagement your account receives, the more exposure that is granted by Instagram. Since your engagement is so low, Instagram is seriously capping your exposure in a negative manner.

I have learned this from my past mistakes. Instagram did not always consider engagement as the most important aspect to whether or not an account is granted more exposure. That being said, I would always buy 10k followers on new accounts I created so they get ranked faster and appear more popular. I continued to do this after the update (that limits exposure based on engagement) and the accounts that I did this to are growing so damn slow (still to this day). Back then I decided to create more accounts and I DID NOT buy any fake followers on them. To my supersize, these accounts had the same engagement rate within just a week, and the accounts grew 10x faster (or more).

In addition, I have also purchased Instagram accounts which appeared to have a good engagement rate. After i purchased the account, I noticed little to no new followers or likes. This was because the seller was just buying fake followers, likes, and comments on the account to make it look legit. The account is complete trash with 50k inactive followers and around 50 likes/picture.

I strongly recommend you consider the following proposal:
Continue to fix your current account. However create a new account as your backup plan also. Pop it on MassPlanner, and let it start growing on auto pilot by re-posting pictures from other accounts in the 3D printing niche. This way you are ahead of the game in case you choose to start fresh a few months from now.

Path #1 - You do not create a new account, and you spend a few months trying to fix the engagement on your main account. You then realize that its not working out, and you choose to start over by creating a new account. The new account has 0 followers, likes, comments, traffic, engagement. You will have some regrets that you did not start the new account sooner. You are not behind by a few more months.

Path #2 - You create a new account and set it on auto pilot. You continue to spend a few months trying to fix the engagement on your main account. You then realize that its not working out, and you choose to switch over to the new account instead. This new account has a around 10k followers by this time, and a decent engagement rate. You than thank @BrandonBerner for being so percipient, and looking out for your future of success.

Path #3 - You create a new account and set it on auto pilot. You continue to spend a few months trying to fix the engagement on your main account. HURAY! Your main accounts engagement is back to a healthy state. Now you have this new account that has a around 10k followers by this time, and a decent engagement rate. You can then choose to sell the account, or use it as a secondary source to generate more traffic to your main account in the forum of shoutouts, or you can add a link into the BIO to generate more sales.

My Stepdad always told me this saying through my child hood “Work Smarter NOT Harder”. Although he may have used it for unnecessary things growing up, it has proved to be a very useful quote that I live by each and every day.


just wow!
thank you so much !

I will think about the way to set up a new account.

do you think name it later like my main account after switching to it?
because “3dprintgermany” is the name I’m using on all of my social media and designing websites.


This is what I live for! Haha! You are more than weclome!

Absolutely. When you are ready to start using your newly created account as your main account, just change the username of your main account to “3dprintgermany2” and change the username of the newly created account to “3dprintgermany”. This way you keep the same username across all your social media networks.


this sounds good!

I will give it a try with a new account.

I will update you how it will run!

is there any good guide to start with a fresh Instagram Account ? :slight_smile:

thats the new Account:


Awesome, I will look forward to the updates. Make sure to tag me @BrandonBerner :slight_smile:

Yes there are some good guides on the forum on how to create accounts, however I personally dont bother with account creation anymore. I just buy the accounts pre-made.

If you have not created many accounts on your home WiFi, you can just create a new one like regular people do. If you have already created lots of accounts, then you should create one using your family/friends WiFi using your smartphone. Last option is to use a proxy (most dont work).

PS: In regards to the video you posted, yes that is a great time lapse. There is still a problem with it. People do not want to watch something for 30 seconds to see the outcome. Its recommended to keep the videos short around 10 seconds. This can easily be achieved by speeding up the video. Also note that shorter videos get much more views & likes, since people re-watch them unlike longer videos.


thanks for all the tipps!

as you can see at my main account, I set up my printer with new mounts and cameras, so I can make better Timelapse Videos!

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

Your setup looks great! Now its time to get creaive and start making some unique objects. The amount of things you can make with 3D printers is insaine! There are a million ways to make a solid income with a 3D printer. From making expensive car parts, to phone cases, to 3D images of someones pet.


Hi guys,

I am new to this forum… Thanks for the informative posts. Can someone explain to me why a certain IG accounts could lose engagement just like that and never recover? How do I know if I shall start a second one as a backup? I am a fashion blogger and trying hard to get as much engagement as possible :slight_smile:

Accounts can loose engagement for a lot of reasons.

  • You could be following the wrong sources, and therefor gaining inactive followers
  • You may not be interacting with your followers enough
  • You may not be posting engaging content
  • You may be ghost banned by Instagram
  • You may not be using the right hashtags to get you the right exposure
  • You may be posting more pictures a week compared to previously

and many others.

How long has your account been loosing engagement?

Do you constantly monitor your engagement rate and see it dropping? or are you just noticing less likes, views, and comments?