How To Increase Your Reach On Facebook?

Facebook is a noisy platform. Here are a few tips to get more likes, comments, and engagement:

  1. Use Emojis :grinning:
  2. Ask your friends or team to like and share your new posts within first 15 minutes. This ensures your post will have a greater reach.
  3. Upload video to FB. Never share YouTube URLs. Short videos get more engagement.
  4. Include a photo in every post with eye-catching images and colors to get attention of your followers while they scroll through their home feed.
  5. Never put an external link. Consider putting the link in the comments.

Do you have more FB tips to share? Share them in the comments below. :slight_smile:

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Sorry mate, this is just tinkering in the margin, if you want to have real reach you will have to pay FB, this is what is going to happen with IG too, this will give you 2/3% extra reach if you’re lucky… I see it on a lot of my fanpages, reach has dropped up to 80% in some cases… it almost make it not worth doing FB anymore unless you have a good thing going and ads will take you to the next level, sad thing is FB doesn’t accept my kind of business (giveaways)

Hi DaveNL,

Thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:

Social media is not free. We have to invest in the right tools and ads. People claim they get free leads from social media, but that is not actually free. Anything that costs you time is not free! You need the right strategy.

I have a FB page with over 11K+ likes without spending a dollar or employing any unethical ways; 100% organic growth with the right strategy.

I have published posts with and without using the above strategies and I see a BIG difference. I think it also depends on your niche.

Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


11K is really nothing if your post only reach a 100 of them, and if i have to pay for ads i really don’t need to grow fanpages anymore as i can reach anyone i want (with the right targeting)

You might want to know that here we are not only talking about the FB pages, but also about Group posts and profile posts.

Not true at all. I’ve had over 4 million reach in a week without spending a penny.

A lot depends on how big the target audience for your content is. You need to know where to find the them and how to make highly relevant content that would make them want to tell others about it.

Sharability is without doubt the most important factor when attempting to reach a large amount of people.

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Then maybe you’re one of the lucky guy, but i am selling tickets through facebook pages and they average 10/25k likes (because the artists i target are not for the general public) and i can tell you first hand that the reach reach has dropped significantly, on some pages round the 40%… so yeah i stand my ground that you have to pay FB to get a good reach.

I do understand your point. Organic reach alone on any page < 100k+ will be low in general.

If your target is very specific it’s important that you are able to identify highly relevant subjects of interest to reach them in different groups.

One of the things I like the most about MP is the group finder. One trick I use is to extract keywords from relevant blog posts and web pages and search for them in bulk using the group finder tool.

I set minimum group members to 5000 then sort them by member count and manually screen each group.

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Hey Rohan Thanks For Share. Need help can you tell me how to pin comment with add external link?

You have to pay to reach more peoples but Is still possible to use botting and a lot of accounts. Certainly is better as cost compared with facebook ads that have killer cost for some niches

I will recommend using accounts self created with real phone number so you can verify everytime