How To Keep A Facebook Account Alive?

No matter what I do I keep getting the “Upload a photo of yourself” verification on Facebook and I cant figure out what I’m doing wrong. I usually get it after only 1 or a few actions or even just after some time it will pop up.

Ive tried:

  1. Buying new accounts

  2. Buying aged accounts

  3. Using emulators to create

  4. Creating my own accounts with 4G and unique phone through the FB app

I cant figure it out it seems like every account gets this after only friending 1 person or performing some likes or doing some actions. If there is anyone with FB experience that can help me out please let me know.

Try creating fb accounts manually with a virgin browser and a fresh IP. Then ramp up your actions slowly. Do that on a PC and not on your phone. Your phone my reveal information such as google ad id and the like to facebook.

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Will the Jarvee embedded browser work for creating?

Probably would work for a few accounts.

Use firefox portable. Install a new browser for each account you create. Also use your mobile hotspot to connect to it from your PC to get a fresh IP. Create your account and verify it right away with a phone number otherwise you’ll get a checkpoint after a few days and then photo ID which will probably lead to a lock.

Don’t buy new/aged accounts. I’ve spent lots of money on facebook marketplace accounts created 8-10 years ago a lot of them died within 2 weeks, and very few lasted a month.

Make sure to be warming these accounts up everyday with very little actions and try not logging into them for a day when you’re done. Adding friends is very dangerous especially warmed up account so you should only be accepting requests.

In my experience, accounts made through emulators were quickly banned. Making them through your phone is also not a good idea since it’s easy to leave lots of footprints.

To sum it up, avoid buying any type of accounts and make your own by simulating real human behaviour.

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