How to keep link in bio safety?

Hi, I run 100 Accounts on Instagram for CPA.
And I have 5 CPA links.
I tried to update my link in 50 Accounts with 5 CPA links. Thus, 50 Accs got banned.
Can you guys show me how to protect account when you update bio link ( I mean CPA link)?

Id really suggest you to start with 1-3 CPA accounts before trying to scale up next time.

For the links, you can either use a cloaker or a pre-lander. There should be a lot of posts around explaining how to use either.


RIP, search option has many threads on CPA… Even the best guys have a AMA thread. Nobody will ‘show’ there’s info out there, trust me… just search :+1:

Were you adding the same 5 links? That’s a big problem no wonder it got flagged that quickly.

Golden rule is 5 accounts max per domain (some do 1:1, 3:1 and 5:1 - experiment to find your sweet spot)

You could try to use pre-landers, but we all know that pre-landers cut a good percentage of your conversions so consider lowering the amount of accounts attached to the domain.

Cloakers are a hit or miss - you could wake up with all your accounts disabled if it craps out.

Consider putting each link under its own - This will help you track clicks for that account
and will also help mask it ever so slightly.

Don’t direct link to the offer - you’ll get disabled everytime