How to kill a Facebook page?

If you had a page that you didn’t want to delete but you wanted to remove followers / likes / etc. essentially killing it what is the fastest way to do this? I know CRAZY question but you guys are the experts.

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Go to your Page > Settings > Type people and other pages in ‘Search page settings’. Once you’re on People and other pages tab, select all likers, click the Settings button.

Then click remove from page likes.
Maybe if you choose Ban from page, the post likes from those users will be deleted as well. I have never tried banning other users so I’m not 100% sure about this.

Does Facebook log this anywhere where I could view who I removed/banned?

Yes, it does. There’s a dropdown menu where you can choose “Banned people and pages”. Then FB will show you the list of users whom you have banned.

Are you doing this to get a fresh start and rebranding your page? Or do you have any other purpose on this?

I mean like a log where I could go back 6 months from now and see who removed/banned user. Like which admin?

Just want to get a fresh start.

I don’t think Facebook offers an option like that since there is no ‘banned by’ column on this section.