How to know if i get to the explorer page

hii friends i read alot on this amazing forum
and i see alot of people say that they get almost every time to the explorer page
so i have 2 Q please…

  1. how do you know you get to the explorer page?

  2. what are you doing that help you get there?

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post only your best content in your niche is the most important thing
use the right hashtags

You see it when your post gets a huge engagement

when you have 2000 followers and your post gets 1500 likes and 100 comments you hit
the explorer page very well

  • if your post gets +30% more engagement than your average post - you either ranked on top hashtags (if you used any) or you hit explore
  • if you have biz acc, you can see stats of that post with more engagement and see where the engagement is coming from

So without a business account, you just have to guess if you hit explore or not based on engagement?