How to know what your audience like?

We know that instagram show your content to only people who like your posts so if you are in the luxury niche and the users follow 2 luxury niche and like only your posts chances are high that he will see more your post

Problem is that if someone don’t engage with your last posts what are the chances that he will see your next post 0 ?

Because if we want to know what audience like i see 2 major thing content of that scraped users competitor liked and Post that worked well for you and the fact that sometimes we can have a big drop on engagement is in part because of this posts tests

Do you use a slave account and follow your mother account follower and see what content do they like the most then apply it or you do direcly with your mother account because it can cause big engagement yes it’s for a good cause to know what audience like but at same time it’s dangerous so how you can know what your audience like the most without risking to kill your engagement ?

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I really tried to read it, but my eyes hurt! please use punctuation marks.:tired_face:

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much better! thanks!

so do you have any idea ?

Bro you know what your audience likes by testing a lot of content for example you test memes,quotes,motivational videos and cars you see which one gets the most engagement and then you post that easy as that no need to complicate things good content equals to good follower base and instagram loves you thats it.


Bro i know that already problem is that if you a/b test and on 1 of your test you don’t get good engagement next post even if he is good engimg content will never be the case bcs no one will see it and you will never know if it was because of the quality of the content or just because no one saw it

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it depends. in my opinion on 3 major factors. 1. how many people he is following 2. the overall interaction between you and him 3. the initial engagement (=relevance) the post gets

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one of the most relevant factors 8from the experience I have had through Instagram) is the interaction that binds you to your follower.

So the less follower the more he can see your posts ?

in general yes. because if he follows less people it means less posts are competing for a spot in his feed.

I would try this option to scrape posts for your niche Page

Repost --> Repost only when Engagement is greater then “%” than average

I would use like 5% so you only get the most engaging content from your sources

Means uou will scrape only post greater than 5% engagement

Was never sure how that function exactly worked. But I think if you put 5% and the average engagement of the account is 10% you get post with more than 15% engagement.