How to know which group are active

Hi,I join many groups,but many groups which I joined are not active,how to identify active group ?

IDK how you join the groups, but if you search for groups manually in the FB search bar, when you have the result list of your search you will see how many active posts are there in any group just below the name of the group. I guess that this is shown only to active groups.

You can use this tool
(it’s a paid tool, but has 30-day free trial, that should be enough time to check all the groups you need).

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I think you mean private groups, because on public groups you can see the last time when someone post something.
For private groups the only chance’s to join and to go out if the groups activity’s dead.

this tool is for your own groups i think, not for public groups i have used it for a while

You can import:

* closed or secret group, only if you are an admin
* any public group, even if you are not a member

Thats great, when i was having subscription with them, it was only your groups and comaring with other groups.

I should consider resubscribe soon