How to Learn instagram growth

Hello Guys I have a question for which I could not find an answer and I want your help

how to do like these

I wants to learn how to do this Any course or resourse or some to learn from it and any tips if any one have this conntact me

or Thats skills to do ti Please


He is probably doing giveaway loops.

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This forum is a gold mine for you then if you want to learn how to grow instagram accounts :slight_smile: There are different categories and different topic related to instagram growth. You need to be patient, learn, practice what you learn and test. :slight_smile:


Thnaks bianca any thing do you recomandded or tips or courses

Thanks for Reply but whats do you means with giveaway loops could you explian

The advertised growth is most likely from Giveaways (as @SuperSuppe has mentioned).

It goes something like this:

  1. Big influencer hosts a giveaway on his/her account
  2. He/she follows a bunch of accounts (which paid for the growth)
  3. Rules of the giveaways are simple

In order to win the prizes giveaway (influencer) offers, you have to follow all accounts the influencer (the giveaway host) follows.

Usually, these types of giveaways last for a week or two. The growth is enormous, as everybody loves free stuff, and it takes only to follow a bunch of people to enter the giveaway.

Nevertheless, as fast the growth comes, the faster it can disappear.

Usually, people that have paid for this growth scheme gain 100k+ followers within a short period of time (a few days). Nevertheless, their engagement with the growth goes down, and their organic reach dies.

This way, I’m making the growth scheme sound horrible. However, there are ways to do this properly, and actually, boost client’s organic growth/engagement (reach).

I’m not going to spoil that. As I’m offering this type of service myself, and I am not looking for more competitors, hahaha.

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Thanks Filipo i dont no What to say i have no coment Thats all know

How did you learn these ? or where i start

Hello Mr SuperSuppe how to learn These do you have any something to learn or where can find how to use it

please Help i wants to learn

The thing is… People who are successful and are making good money will never tell you their secrets because they don’t want competition. They may give you few hints, but 80% of work and research you have to dig out yourself.

Most of information is on the internet, but not on one place. You have to dig, dig, dig until you crack the code.

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often from trial and error. study other accounts – there are tools you can use.
Copy success, cause often results in success. The best way is to get your hands dirty, post, study and learn. Like anything else – it takes time and dedication.

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With this kind of mindset, you won’t get far.

I’ve learned everything by myself by researching & testing it afterward. Start thinking like a guy that offers the growth or method you want to study. What would you need, how would you do it, etc.

Go through the forum and search for anything about the method you want to learn. If there is nothing about the method/skill, then go and type it into google. You will find more than enough mentions about the skill you want to study.

Now, I’ve (and @supersuppe) mentioned the name of the growth method. This should give you enough information to start with.

PS: Please use Grammarly (or any other app) that controls your writing skills. I’m not from an English speaking country either, but you will learn English by editing your grammar errors. Plus, you are going to sound more serious & people will more likely help you.

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Hey, I just remembered that there is the free Jarvee Instagram Marketing course. You can assign to the course and it will take you step by step through all things you should know:

Hope this will help for the start :slight_smile:

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Try to find some Journey threads on this forum, follow the instructions that users have used but take notice that each account is unique and you’ll need to test many different strategies until you find the one that suits to your account.

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