How to level up on instagram marketing?

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I tell you my situation.
I currently use likes and follow automation to target accounts. This generated 5,200 followers with 1,200 followers. This account is within the urban music sector. Now I’m looking to improve my instagram marketing techniques.
I read in this forum about DM groups, niches, etc. But I do not understand how they work or how to access them.
I would also like to say that it is very difficult for me to find accounts similar to mine. I tried hashtags or keywords, but I can not find them.
Any help, explanation or link to any page where I can consult about this would be great help to me. Thank you very much in advance.


Make a list of similar artists. Find their IG accounts, then engage with the people that follow them. For example, if I was a country artist, I would go to Carrie Underwood’s page, and start engaging with the people who like her page. The fact they like someone similar to me is a good indicator they may like me, as well.

You can also look at their posts, and see what hashtags they use on their’s, and use them for yours.

All the best to you!


They work e.g. in that way: the admin says "lets post everyday at 8PM a picture/video and then share your link in that chat. Then we like each others post."
Problem 1: Often there are people who dont like your posts (they are too lazy)
Problem 2: this raises your likes, but after some time it will harm your account IF the other accounts are not in the same niche and if they dont have a decent engagement rate and real followers.

Search maybe on google or on the BHW-forum for EG groups in the music sector, that may help you…


Thanks for the explanation! I will try it

Thanks for the tips!

hmu i will add you to my engagement group its completely automated