How to link PV services and jarvee via api

guys im starting my own instagram accounts firm and im already getting some phone verification
**any one has a guide or a tutorial on how to link jarvee and api of pv services like smspva and getsmscode **
thanks guys

There is option for that in Jarvee, I will look it up


Settings/Conectivty/Instagram phone verification
(I think you still need to click)


Those services will not work for phone verification. They oversell the phone numbers. You need real numbers.


What do you recommend then?

Buy real sim cards and the cheapest simple phone


i already did that 1year ago and fall into the trap of PV loop wich made me quit the entire instagram marketing business.
imagine having 30accounts with 30sim cards and every day u r having al those 30accs getting phone verification where you should replace the sim and look for the sim card number and insert in the phone for each verification
it was a total nightmare thats why im asking if there is an automatic way to link those pv providers with my jarvee because i aready met a guys doing it automatically but he is not answering my msgs .

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thanks man for the answer i found it yay

I understand, I know this pain, I do it from time to time.
Good luck with virtual numbers.

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If you had 30 accounts asking for PV every day, you were doing something very wrong. Automatic PV verification will not help. You need to fix the issue that was causing PVs first.


i totaly understand your point thats the problem with real sim cards, first they cost me 1$/each in my country second it takes time and effort to phone verify bulk accounts especially when you are running greyhat niches like cpa offers etc

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