How to log tiktok on Jarvee?

Hello guys,

im back to jarvee since long time absence and i just paid the software again but i cant find the way to add a tiktok account to the software, someone can help me with that?.


TikTok is not available for free trial users you need to pay the monthly license then you should be able to add TikTok accounts.

If you already paid but you still can’t see TikTok you should restart Jarvee and see.

If the issue persists you need to contact Jarvee support.

Since you are not a new user, you should be able to add TikTok after you make a payment and restart Jarvee. If that doesn’t work, you need to contact their support.

Thanks i finally did it but the tools are not working lol


it’s in beta so not all the tools work atm

Did you pay for the software just to use TikTok? hopefully not. :slightly_smiling_face: last month it worked fine… not sure what changes TikTok made that made the tools stop working… it seems related to the embedded browser in JV.

yeah, there are some issues currently with TikTok but devs are working on that so let’s hope for the best