How to Lower CPU usage W/Jarvee

For a while now I am struggling to lower the cpu usage with jarvee while running around 30 twitter accounts. I disabled the anti virus from seeing it to stop constant scanning. I also lowered the amount of active browsers in the jarvee EB settings.

Still seems to be stressing the cpu.

I have a new laptop with the ryzen 7 4700u 8 core processor.
Maybe I am wrong but I feel like it should not be hitting 100% cpu with around 25 accounts.

Any ideas or tips?

I have 40 accounts using only like 5% cpu lol, with intel core i5 8th generation

something seems off for sure…what actions do you use?

I use instagram accounts, following people sending DM and scraping accounts all day, something must be wrong with your setup

no this is for twitter…twitter uses the EB which causes it to use a lot more cpu.

Laptop CPUs are several times weaker than desktop laptops.
Its apples and oranges,branding doesn’t mean a thing.My CPU cooler is as big as a whole laptop for reference.
@ thatbritishguy check task manager and see how much CPU each process is consuming.If you see Jarvee consuming 100% CPU ,than its time to upgrade,nothing you can do.If you see other processes consuming CPU power,shut them down.

That CPU is better than the CPU of some dedicated servers I rent. If you have 25/30 Twitter accounts they will not all use the EB all the time. You really shouldn’t have problems.

It don’t know the solution or what can be wrong. But your laptop is not the problem.

I lowered the browsers running but something seems off cause it is so demanding. Just not sure if anyone has had this problem before.

Have you given admin privileges to the Jarvee programs and browser, can sometimes help.

Just switched on my to my desktop which has 16gb ram and amd ryzen 5 3600x processor and its still pushing to 100%.
For the life of me cannot figure out why jarvee Twitter side of things is so demanding.

Going to have to switch on to another bot I imagine.
Any suggestions?