How to make a url say something else?

Hi guys probly a noob ? but im trying to make a link to add to my FB post that says “click here” so people can click it and takes them to my timeline!. i have all my items listed on it so it would be easier for people to view all my items this way any idea how to do this for FB? I tried doing this a href=“YOUR-URL”>Click Here</a but it dont work it just shows the whole url and this a href=“YOUR-URL”>Click Here</a

html won’t work on Facebook posts :slight_smile:

If you want to send them to your timeline (profile/page) it’s easiest to simply tag your page. For example:

Click here > @Your Page Name

dang, that stinks. I could post the link but its just so much to show. i use hashtag but they don’t work the way i want them to either