How to make Attention Grabbing content for Free

Hi guys, I am so glad that I have found this community! I have experience in content creating I would like to give you some tips and tricks about making quality photos that grabs the users attention. I am planning to write other articles also about video editing if you are interested.

If you dont shoot your own images, then you can download them from free resources. Downloading from these sites means that you can use these for anything without giving credit to the author.

  • It has a really great UI, you almost feel like scrolling through Instagram when searching
  • you have to register (for free) to download more photos but it is worh it
  • full with quality photos

If you take your own images, you can use your Phone’s camera, there is no need to buy a DSLR. Here you can find some useful videos:

After you have the great photo comes one of the most important part: the editing.

For color grading the best free app is Lightroom mobile. The example photos were taken by me with my phone: before/after

It is really easy to use, but you can find a ton of tutorial videos also.

If you also want to add some text to your photo, I recommend Snapseed.

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you.


To add, you can also use VSCO! They have a bunch of different filters on there and photo editing tools. Nice post! Cheers!

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Great work bro ! Thanks for inspiration :heart::sparkles:


Thank you for the valuable contribution in the forum :slight_smile: I will also say that it is a great income because you can sell your filters in the lightroom :slight_smile: Very big is now needed :slight_smile: In my country, I do not know how in others :slight_smile: Greetings and thanks <3


Another way that I usually use Repost viral contents to increase ER from the user (with Credit) or other Social Platforms. (Use for growing bulk accounts).
My topic to find viral contents.

Btw thank you for sharing!


Thanks for sharing your 2 cent. And welcome to this communty :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to read your tutorial on how to edit videos, as this is one of my weaknesses. Thanks in advance :pray:


Thank you for sharing very useful, I use canva for the same template (quotes instagram) and inshot for editing but this is definitely better.

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Thanks very much for this enriching information.

I would further suggest the Pixlr Mobile App for quick edits and touch ups. It’s been a very handy tool over the years.

It’s easy to use with all the essentials, as well as some incredible filters.

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Good points here, I’d like to contribute.

  • VSCO theme (Pintrest): A cool trick I learned is if you simply type “VSCO colour themes pintrest” you will find heaps of threads that provide the edits. For example, if you have a blue theme on your page you can find edits to copy and paste.

  • Reddit home page / Sub Reddits: A lot of viral photos go on Reddit, be sure to keep a look out on the home page and also niche specific pages, as there is thousands on Reddit.

Hope it helps.

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I would like to share some free image websites that I have collected from Internet


Thanks for your contribution!

I’m sure this will help some people.

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I would like to add the apps inshot and Quik (by gopro) for making awesome professional looking edits to your videos and inshot also for making collages (I use it for making story posts, ie. 2 opposing photos next to each other or on top and then a poll which one you like etc)

Thanks! Yeah editing is the most important part to make a difference