How to make friends in the niches of doctors, lawyers, Engineers, old and rich people?

Ok, my work is sell very expensive houses and apartments, i am a real-estate agent. I am trying to figuring out how to make profiles that i can add lawers, doctors, (peoples that have money) from my city and this people accept my friend requests. The way i was using and was going well was creating profilies from institutions like hospital or college, or very expansive restaurants, cinemas, … This profiles most of the people that i sent friend request acept-me. But now Facebook found a way to find out that my profiles were from institutions and sent me request to create a page or change the name to that of a real person.

Now i need to change my statregy and find ou how to make this friends ands enter their nichie on a different modus operandi.

I can make easy 5000 friends by send new friend request to teenage people or in add me fast groups, but this will not help me at all, my niche is for people who do not have many friends and are very selective in their friendships.

Sorry bad english, :_(

Try creating an account of a doctor/lawyer etc.

Put some info there: where you went to law school…
Add info on where you live (it should be where you are selling houses).

You can also use this to find people from the same neighborhood: