How to make images undetectable?

Is there a fast way I can change the hex etc of images so that instagram cannot tell I’m posting duplicates of the same post across instagram? (On slaves).

Almost impossible - Changing the hash will not accomplish much.
Just think of it how a Google reverse-image search works. Facebook will apply a similar method.

So the key would be to alter the image just enough so i’s not the same anymore.

Things to try:

  • Add borders
  • Change fonts/colors of the text
  • Filliping/Mirroring
  • Inverse colors for parts of the image

Does it really matter? I mean reposting identical still seems to work.

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Ive heard it can link accounts especially when you are creating and adding them around the same time? Not 100% sure of this

Without substantially changing the actual image, I’m not sure it makes a difference to IG’s detection. I’ve had a video with some music that I didn’t realise was copyrighted get pulled down in seconds by the algorithm - I’d love to know how they do it!

If you’re concerned, could you stagger the upload times by hours/days/weeks?


I am trying to create 50+ slaves at one time and have random pics posted for each from a folder so it will be very time consuming having to make sure each one is different and not overlapped.

Is the same picture a big deal? Or am I just paranoid?

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How does the function of Jarvee name “Resize and Flip Image when Changing MD5”?
It’s very helpful for me when I repost for bulk accounts.