How to make money with only 10,000 Instagram/Facebook Followers without any sales

He guys!

So I wanna share a method with you, that will hopefully help you a lot. This method doesnt make you thousands of dollars but it’s good. I made around 300$ for last month doing nothing, Meaning I didnt get any sales.

The catch: We will use adsense/ etc to make money. All we have to do is make users click on the ads.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Create a super mobile optimized/responsive website.
  2. Rewrite contents from dailymail or such website. Specially cute stuff that people can share a lot.
  3. Apply for adsense or such ad publishers and get their ads,
  4. One 250x50 ad above the content another 250x50 under the content.
  5. make the content pageable meaning to see the contents the users need to press “next” button a lot.

Let’s do a math:

if you have 10,000 followers. you do swipe up and fb post and bring those users to ur site at 10% CTR
meaning 1000,
if 10% of those people click on ur ad it’s 100. 100x(average cpc 0.10$) = 10$

So without even selling anything, u are just bringing 10$ each day. As the number can flactuate you can make minimum of 300$.

been doing this technique for the last 4 months without any problem.

Let me know in the comment section if anyone is also doing.


A little proof. :smiley:

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Dope! Thanks for the share will have a crack at it once I’ve hit 10k

A 10% CTR on your ads seems very high. I’m not saying you cannot achieve it, but if you do it will probably be because some people will be clicking on ads accidentaly and Google will eventually flag you.

I’ve been earning from Google Adsense for the past 7 years and in my opinion anything about 3.5-4% CTR will get you in some sort of watchlist.

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thank you for the share, sounds interesting, can you help with the adsence part? what does it take to be accepted?

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yeah thats pretty much it

just a website with proper pages. adsense is not the only income source u know

That’s true. But as u read in my post, adsense is not the only one adserver u know. there’s a lot of options out there. but to make money 10% is a good CTR

The point is a 10% CTR on ads is not natural or organic in any way. If you achieve those numbers is probably by “tricking” people into clicking on your ads, either by confusing them with the content, placing them too close to buttons, etc. Sure you can serve you ads from 5 different companies, but that will still mean each of them are getting a 10% CTR, they will get only 20% of your impressions, but the 10% CTR will remain the same.

It might work for a while, but you are not building a sustainable income.

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Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Contact page are must have to get approved.
Add at least 10 articles.

I never had issues with getting adsense accounts approved. But I did manage to get them banned :slight_smile:


Ok cool :slight_smile: thanks!

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In Wich niche are you . To have that much of income ?

Girl’s makeup

Buddy, i think you skimmed my post, I told at the very beginning it’s not sustainable and scale type business, it’s something to wet your beak.

Right. Possibilities are endless in the form of content but we need to have a solid audience first.

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can you share the template / theme that you use on your website?

When did you apply? Did you get rejection email recently?

I applied two weeks ago, but I haven’t received any email from Google

It took them about 1 and a half weeks to tell me that I was rejected.

Great technique, thanks for sharing!