How to make scraper/slave accounts survive longer?

I’m a newbie. I plan on buying alot accounts from SMM Panels, but it is said on here that they are useless because they created using a cheap proxy. However how can I make these scraper accounts last longer, so that they don’t die in a day. Do user agents/web agents play in this?

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Buy from quality sellers. I recommend sellers from mpsocial marketplace. Thats half the rent.
Use accounts on dedicated 4G proxies. These are the basics. And yes, user agents should differ from each other.

I wasted a lot of money on cheap accounts from sellers on Google and other cheap services in the beginning of my Instagram journey. Until I decided to use the #public-marketplace here and it was a game changer. The sellers here are knowledgeable and provide quality services and support. Stick to this forum for your needs.

If you are going with cheaper proxies, then don’t run many accounts per proxy. Use good Delays and API limits settings.

My scrapers survive for more than 2 and 3 months, and I am doing that by using strict API limits and delays, I have a minimum of 5 scrapers for each main account.

Yes, I’m certain that if you’ve got a good setup your scrapers could last longer.

Use clean proxies, dont use cheap proxies, this should be your first step and I suggest you to use max 100 accounts per 4G proxy with a rotating IP every 2min.

Good luck.