How to make your own touch with just repost?

I know thatin repost we just have to search for the best posts but to make our account more likeable we have to do a branding and something that is done with a unique design for example i see lot of accounts that use repost but on ALL post is a designed banner that represent a unique color so people know that this is a original content even if it is just repost i want to know how they do it i have a little idea

  • Download lot of videos,images and everytime go to a editor app add the banner designed you can even buy on fiverr designer service so it makes you well adapted font to your niche and you make video or image and adjust the banner and add your text,emoji… Then you upload all the work on a cloud you download on laptop all your “unique” content and you start repost with schedule…

Is there another method to do it ? i see the account that make it have more engagement than normal repost it increses their brand awarness it give them a well known image for their followers