How to manage budget for IG proxies?

Hi, I’m new to IG automation and need some proxy to start with. I navigated this forum and found most 4G proxies at ~50$ per month.
However, this is really out of my budget, to make 50$ per account per month, we need to gain ~10k followers, and this is not possible with automation method.
I wonder how do you manage the budget? I think only with ~5$ per proxy, I can make a profit.


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Hi @hathgr I hope all is well & welcome to the automation world. I completely understand your concerns regarding budget.

However, just my personal opinion (others might have a different one which is okay) but if one were to charge only $50mo for legit 10,000 organic followers I think everyone on this form would need a new profession ASAP

You could do something more effective, safer, & possibly even more budget friendly called mother slave method. Are you familiar? You could reduce automation on main accounts & use cheap proxies on the slave accounts

In your situation, your costs then would then be dc proxies, VPS or pc, aged accounts, time, & taking some losses on replacing deactivated accounts here & there. But to be honest, why not just raise your prices and/or change niche? Why do you want to provide service for so cheap?

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Thanks for giving your idea :wink:
Yes I know the mother/child method, I’m implementing 1mother/2child on my own real IP, 1child for scraping, 1 child for f/uf & mention mother in posts, and mother for story viewing.
For the revenue, I believe I can exploit $100 from 10k followers if I improve my product(Product is king!), but this is still lower than the $50/month/account big 4G proxy expense even if I only use it on my mother account.

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While some have different theories & preferences… 4G is proven by most to be the safest & most effective. In that case from the outside looking in, I think the only viable solution I can offer you is to charge more for your product after improving it

I wish you well on your journey,



A revenue of 100$ per 10K isnt a good ROI if you’d ask me. If you are sure 10K of accounts in a certain niche would buy your product for 100$ then you are better off with shoutouts.


Hey & Welcome!
My experience with with proxies was similar, I started using 4G mobile proxies, once I had 8-10 accounts (not scraper accounts) and I put them all on the one 4G proxy. I split the day into 3x 8hrs and put 3-4 accounts into each 8hr slot.
This way they were not online at the same time and the IP usually also changed.
That’s 50USD for 8-10 accounts, which comes out to approx. 5USD per account per month, plus all the advantages of a 4G proxy.

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Have you considered using any other type of proxy?
If you are dead set on 4G proxies, then there’s not much of an answer that’ll satisfy you.
Also, like the above, the economics of your strategy don’t add up to Time tested experience.
Something in your operation must change.
But that is a side matter to your Original question.

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Wow, that’s great! I considered only 1 ig per proxy, if I can make 8-10 igs on 1 proxy, there will be great profit for me! Thank you for your great advice!

8-10 accounts per proxy it a lot these days, IG won’t tolerate that and it will cause you issues, even if the accounts are not online at the same time IG can still see that you have 8-10 accounts from the same IP

Of course you’ll need to rotate your proxy, sorry forgot about that minor detail :wink:

Agreed, I think up to 2 accounts per proxy at the very most.

The less the better and safer, of course :+1:
Especially if they are client accounts :point_up:

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Im using the same method…
2 accounts on shifts of 4G proxies.
it works like a charm !!

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