How to manage multiple e-mails?

Quick question.

If I have like 50 accounts, is there a good e-mail client for Windows that I can add all of these e-mail addresses to send/receive easily?

Used thunderbird before but it seems like adding lots of POP3/IMAP accounts would take too long. I also don’t use a catch all email or the gmail trick for three reasons: -

  1. If domain/gmail gets picked up by IG - You’re fucked
  2. If you don’t respond from the original e-mail when un-banning an account - Un-ban doesn’t work
  3. If you want to sell the account, you have to fuck around instead of just changing email and IG passwords and giving them over, using the original signup e-mail too for security.
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Look at method #2 here:
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This has a problem. If you want send e-mails (for Account reactivation) you have to login again.

I recommend a simple Catch-All-Email with a decent web interface (for example