How to manage multiple Twitter Accounts?


I am managing 40+ accounts on Twitter at the moment and because of my poor knowledge, I’ve been running them all under the same IP just in different Google Profiles. I know this is a bit reckless, but as the pages are being run in a non-spammy genuine way I assumed it would not be an issue.

The more I read into this, the more I realise that as a safeguard, I should not be doing this at all. I’ve heard of software such as Incognition and GOLogin that can help with anti-detect browser fingerprinting but the problem is I cannot find any reviews on them

Is there any particular way you can suggest for me to manage these accounts? Any and all help is much appreciated!

Firefox allows you to set proxy per profile but doesn’t change fingerprints, any AntiDetect Browser can work if you afraid of being flagged by fingerprint just search around google and see what fits your needs

You can use Jarvee to manage your Twitter accounts, I am using it to manage my accounts and it’s working great for Twitter.

Beside the software an IP i give up for this even if i had the best setup after a time, twitter will ask you for a verification sms number and if you have created thoses accounts with sms number provider online, u can’t receive another sms

If someone have any tips for that it could really help me ! its the last things i need and i never find how to fix this problem

There is Twitter bot, Twitter kombo, based on zennoposter