How to Manage Timing for Powerlikes and DMgroups

i want to get the boost to the max as it’s importat to get engagement on first minutes from quality accounts problem is that on dmgroups there is no rounds everyone is connected on a certain moment even who are connected don’t see your post how you manage to get powerlikes and dmgroups saves likes comments… right after posting and continiously ??


You’ve messaged me earlier today, please use those:


It’s hard to understand you. I really wanted to help you first but lost the hope to communicate as we went further.

As for DM groups for engagement it’s the best to have many groups of accounts and switch them in weekly intervals so there are different accounts interacting with your main everyday. Group A can interact on Monday with acc 1, Tuesday acc2 and so on, coming back on the 8th day to acc1.

by that you mean our own account who are on the same niche or account of competitors ? please explain further the idea