How to monetise my small websites?



when it comes to monetisation, it seems I’m really bad. I’ve got a few German informational websites, e.g. about solar with 20,000 organic visitors/monthly, window repair a few thousands, and a badminton amazon shop site with lower 4 digits visits monthly.
I just manage to squeeze out a few hundred euros from those all in all. And of course I need money (who doesn’t).
What would you do with those sites? To be honest, I don’t have the time to write emails for a list, so I don’t have lists. What do you think, what could do the trick?


With this low traffic I think you should do AdSense


That’s what I feared. You’re probably right. Thanks :slight_smile:


Do you have your sites connected to Google Analytics? If so I can provide some insight into how to monetize.


Yes, they’re connected. What shall I do?
(For the time being I have Adsense and a form for price comparisons, together they make roughly 500 - 600 €.)


Were you able to find any insights, metrics, KPIs,etc within your Analytics dashboard? Or are you unfamiliar with how to utilize it?


Half and half :slight_smile: I think I’d find the most data I need, but I’m not sure if I could customize a more complicated report.