How to monetize a website about Santa in other seasons

Hi all,
I own an ecommerce website about Santa. My domain is the exact keyword of Santa in my country. A big Facebook fanbase, Instagram too and the firts and sometimes second place on Serps. I have a perfect amount of sales but only seasonal around Christmas and New Year.
My question is, how do you guys think what I can sell, or how to earn money outside the season especially in summer?


Curious to see what kind of suggestions you will get.

Get ready for Q4 its going to be alot of money spending and shopping ( atleast here in the US ) and facebook traffic gets ridiculous expensive but it converts much easier as everyone on a shopping spree for a present/gifts , and my advice is you should build a christmas niche multi product shopify store make sure its trending products on alibaba / amazon / google trends and you can use that data to run on your fanpage ( you can find previous years trending products as well and cut out the risk of burning through ad $ and split testing )

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Maybe I wasn’t clear with the question, but I was asking for other quarters. I know what to do on Q4 and I am happy with results, but what to do on other 9 months

maybe you can sell everyday use santa branded poducts. Like santa claus shaving cream or something.

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Sell something beach related and say that Santa is on vacation (Picture with santa and the product).

Sell a fitness guide after the new year, say that Santa needs to go on a diet after all the milk and cookies.

Sell endurance supplements closer to next winter. Show Santa working on endurance to get ready for X-mas. Also, could sell recovery type products.

Valentines jewelry, Santa wants to get Mrs. Claus something nice…

That’s all I got off the top of my head.


@dilly made excellent observations. I would also add that with low season you can get much more advantageous prices from suppliers.