How to monetize babes/models theme pages on instagram?

How many followers do I need to start making some money from these pages? And what is the best ways to do that?

That’s a really broad question. You could make money with any number of followers, given you have the right followers.

How many do you currently have? What is your engagement with them? Did you already try to monetize in the past?

Reach out by DM to girls and tell them that you can provide shoutouts for a fee

Now I have just 4k so I haven’t tried anything yet, but page is growing so fast from organic instagram algorithms “I got 1.5k in last 4 days from related pages I think”
Page engagement is not so good, 150-300 likes per post, I don’t know if it is normal for this niche!

By the way I don’t use any hashtags, I think instagram will block my posts on these hashtags

say your promoting OnlyFans accounts and promote Girls accounts do shout outs for girls with OnlyFans or priavte snapchat thats how you make money. Start an OF and sell content

you can use that page to redirect traffic to another one and grow at least 5 or 6 pages like that then you can sell few pages or just shoutouts to other users.

Sell shoutouts to OF models or just models wanting to grow.
Sell products/services that people in this niche will be interested in - swimwear, lingerie etc

There’s many things you can do