How to monetize with 219k in 8 accounts

Hello people, i have 8 ig accounts with the following numbers:
account 1 foood: 31.1k followers
account 2 landscapes: 28.7k followers,
account 3 cats: 44.4k followers,
account 4 dogs : 35.6k followers,
account 5 fitness : 25k followers,
account 6 pets : 14.2k followers,
account 7 animals : 34.6k followers.
account 8 giveaways : 3k followers.

Total followers: 219k.
Total earnings: USD 139.

i sold a few shoutouts but is not enough, right now i am trying to find a new way to monetize those accounts.
I started with a affiliate program but is not working that well neither, also i tried with ogads and nothing, 0 clicks.

Anyone have an idea on what I could do?


I’d say the best way is to open your own general store (shopify) since you’re in so many different niches. Then once you find whats selling the best then just convert over to a Niche Store and focus on that.

Or you can just start building an email list and promote affiliate products/programs.


Hey there ! thx for the answer.
By niche store you mean selling products of all the niches??


Niche store = you sell products that belongs to a niche only
General store = you sell products from various niches. Mainly used to look for winners and then move them to a niche store.


Build more accounts, grow them and sell, you can make money this way too. :money_mouth_face:

  1. Sell products
  2. Sell shoutouts
  3. Offer growth services
  4. Use the accounts to leverage a new account and then sell the new account
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thx for the answer!!

is a good idea but right now we dont have the $$$ for that :frowning:

Ask companies and let them pay you to promote Names of their Products, even without a link (so they can google it - doesn’t look as spammy) but if possible also add a link of course.

This could get you money in your niches.
The secret is to communicate properly with business owners

Hi mate!!!
can u show me please any store on Shopify where you can sell this services, please?

I wouldnt make a general store because then you are directly in competition with Amazon. That means you are directly in competition with Jeff Bezos. Thats like having a fight with Mike Tyson without arms and legs.

This is the best comparison ever :joy: