How to monetize your Instagram account

One of the things a lot of people ask me on private and that I see asked on many forums is this question: how can I monetize my “type” Instagram account? So I decided to create this topic specifically on this forum, because I know a bunch of members already know how to grow Instagram accounts, but sometimes don’t know how to actually earn money from them. I will display and briefly describe below the many monetizing options I have used in the past and still keep using at the moment. I will also mention the type of the accounts best suited for each option. I will organize them from most earnings gained to less earnings gained. Let’s get into it:

MERCHANDISE: This has been the best earning system for me, you create designs related to your account, put them on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc using a service like Teespring and sell them to your followers.
Type of accounts I used: quotes, luxury, animals and comedy.

SPONSORED/BRANDED POSTS: Second best and close to selling merch, promoting products from companies on your posts can be really profitable, you can try to contact brands, stores and developers to create connections or, if your account is big enough, you will definitely get messages from them. This option works best with bigger accounts, which you can get paid up to thousands per post.
Type of accounts I used: luxury, fashion, fitness, technology and many more smaller specific niches.

ARBITRAGE STORE: This one is pretty straight forward. Buy related niche products on websites like AliExpress and sell them to your followers for a higher price.
Type of accounts I used: any niche.

OWN PRODUCT: I haven’t done this a lot, but the times I have been successful with this and actually create a good product that went viral, I earned a big amount of money.
Type of accounts I used: any niche.

SHOUTOUTS: This one most people already know and use on a daily basis. You get paid to post stuff from other accounts or promote something in a caption or in the bio. It’s very good for the medium sized accounts.
Type of accounts I used: most niches.

OWN WEBSITE: As I’m getting into SEO, this is an option I’m beginning to explore more and more. Promoting your website to drive traffic and then earn cash with it.
Type of accounts I used: health, animals and technology.

SELLING: Alright, I got a bit of a beef with this one, specifically for this first reason, selling big accounts is just 100% dumb and nothing you say will change my opinion, you can earn a lot more with a big Instagram account using one of the options above. However, what you can do is grow several smaller account with the help from your bigger account, and then just sell those accounts.
Type of accounts I used: any niche.

CPA/CPI: I know this is usually associated with churn and burn accounts that you use to spam, but if you be careful, you can promote those offers on grown accounts.
Type of accounts I used: most niches.

So there it is, this are the ways I have used in the past to monetize my Instagram accounts. If I missed some options or you have some to add, please do post them below. Remember this are just from my personal experience over 5 years on the game.


Interesting infos to give people more ideas

How do you make the product design for merchandise? Do you outsource it(name)? and suppose I’ve Game of Thrones accounts, so what is the best way to design teespring store? I think I can’t simply copy/paste any image, because it will violet some copyright law.

Yes I pay graphic designers to come up with ideas for my merch and of course you can’t use copyrighted images for your designs.

Great write up sir! Thanks for sharing

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Or grow your main account with the help of the smaller accounts and when the main account is big enough sell the small accounts.

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