How to move the Jarvee data from Home PC to VPS

okay going to try it! bless bro

Whenever i’ve moved jarvee this is what i do:

Backup jarvee -> settings -> error/backup (keep note of location)

Redownload jarvee on the new device -> login and restore from the backup.

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Cant tell if im missing something, but where can i find the jarvee folder in my vps?

easiest way for me is go

Settings -> “Error/Back-up” section
Back-up now and open Back-up folder (open back up folder is a button on top of the page)

upload the latest folder do your Google Drive and download it to your server from Drive
just drag and drop this folder to new server and back-up from that newly uploaded picture.


Zip the Jarvee folder. Upload to an online drive. Split the files if they are too big and download the file on your VPS. It’s a lot faster and more reliable than a RDP file transfer.

@biffer and what if I want to change my vps and exporting all of my settings and acounts ?? what should I do ??