How to move the Jarvee data from Home PC to VPS

Since today I have a VPS to relieve my Main PC. Now I want to use Jarvee on the VPS. How can I transfer my data (accounts, settings, etc.) to it?

Has any of you already done it? I am very happy about your help :slight_smile:

Copy all the files in the Jarvee folder on your computer to VPS

The easiest way is to zip them all up and upload to dropbox or somewhere similar, then re-download on the VPS


Thats exactly what I was going to say :slight_smile:

Also back it up and save the backup before you do this so you dont lose anything. You can even back it up then restore the backup on your vps jarvee and it should have all the settings etc.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I went to jarvee >> settings >> error / backup >> open logs folder
There opened a folder named “mainlog.00”, etc

Is that the right place?

Damn i did this today. So go into your Jarvee Folder and compress it to .rar (with Winrar)
Then Drag and Drop it to your vps jarvee folder and open it. Then windows asks you to replace everything, hit yes and boom.

Cool thank you :smiley:
The whole jarvee folder?

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When i’ve moved vps providers in the past i’ve just ran a backup. Installed jarvee on the new vps and restored from the backup folder worked fine for me.

on a side note… which vps provider did you go for?

So it is possible to run the backup straight from the jarvee account? No need to send folders to the vps? Where is this option in the jarvee interface “restoring backup”? I just see the “backup now” option etc

I use greencloud vps. In the past day I talked with some people in a thread about vps and someone recommended Hetzner. Actually many experineced people in the forum recommended Hetzner. Good point at greencloud = easy setup and and support but costly. Hetzner = setup is i little bit more complex but cheaper. I think Hetzner is especially very good when you reached a level where you have to manage big amount of accounts.

I will look for the thread really quick and link it here in a second.

The best possible way is to zip the whole folder, copy it to new location and unzip there.
Anything else is risky.

Last week I installed 2 fresh versions of software, restored backup and realized more than 50% of accounts were missing follow results, empty.

I do agree with others though you can .zip the whole lot and move it over it’ll work fine.

Jarvee/MP create a folder in the directory called backup which it uses to store them all. Under the backup function is should say the file path its getting backed upto :wink:

Okay guys then I will copy the whole jarvee folder, zip it, send it with google drive and place it in the same folder in the vps.

Will write when I’m finished and managed it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You should be able to copy and paste without sending to google drive super easy… zip, copy/paste done… good luck!

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I tried to drag and drop it to the vps but that didnt worked. It just worked with a VM in the past. You are using greencloud too, right? @intadog Does Copy and paste work to duplicate data from home pc to vps?

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Thank you copy/paste worked :+1:

But I can’t delete the Jarvee folder because it says everytime its opened in a program atm although I closed Jarvee. How did you replaced the folder? @intadog

Okay I pressed “Exit” in Jarvee that closed the program completely

I tell you something, if both of the OS are Windows?

Open Remote Desktop.
Right Click > Copy Folder > Paste into the VPS.

It will work Copy and Paste but on Internet :slight_smile:

P.S.: You don’t need RAR/Dropbox/GoogleDrive for this.


I already managed it. Thank you mate :fist_right::fist_left: @adidam

Thats really good that I dont need Google Drive as I dont want to log in with my email adresses all around the world if not necessary. Moreover I have to upload bulk amount of videos I wanna upload trough this vps in the future.
Therefore your information was golden for me!

Thank you guys :muscle:

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Hey guys, I waited 18 hours that the Jarvee.rar file finish the download in the VPS

Know It cant open, Im very struggling to get my Jarvee Data to the VPS

I copy the whole jarvee order and make it to winrar

then I copy paste it into the vps and waited 18 hours

Does someone has a Idea what I should try now?

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Wow, 18 hours? That’s heavy…

I’m pretty sure Jarvee is not portable, which means that you have to run the Setup.exe of Jarvee on your VPS first, then replace all files in the Jarvee folder with your old files (all files within rar file). Make sure they are both the latest version though, before replacing the files

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