How to open IG link in safari?

I’ve seen a few people redirect IG links and swipe up links outside of the native IG browser and into Safari/Chrome

How can I accomplish the same?


I think this is tough, as it is a deliberate choice of the Instagram developers to use their own browser control. But
Actually, there is a possibility. You first access the link with the in-app browser, then you click on the 3-dots button on the right top of the page and select “open in Chrome”.

Im talking about forcing all users to open a link in Safari. Not just me. I’ve seen it done before.

I don’t think that’s included on the IG app’s Browser Settings option as I do not see anything there that could help you achieve that… You can check out this Reddit thread though

Its being done via javascript or meta data somehow. Ive seen a few black hatters do it

Yea not talking about locally doing it. Talking about forcing ALL people to exit IG > safari via swipe up links

I’m not really sure about that though since most phones nowadays can be set up to only open links via a certain browser/app of your choice and if that can be bypassed by something else. Maybe you can look it up on BHW :slight_smile: