How to open multiple IG related accounts


I would like to open 5-10 secondary IG accounts to support my main one. They would basically subaccounts based on countries.


My first question is: what email address should I use to open these accounts? Can I use my domain?

Or IG doesn’t like that?

Also, I can’t find a comprehensive guide where this process is explained step by step. Since the accounts I need to open are just 5-10, I can easily do it manually. Is it a bad idea?

Thank you for your help

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I’ve used and with no issues, not sure what will happen with your own domain, maybe if you abuse the account too much all the other accounts in the will also get banned due to them being linked? Am just guessing but is plausible.

You can create them manually but you need to change stuff like Device ID, IP Address (not having similar subnets helps) & ISP. There is no real guide - that I’ve found - but try making 2 or 3 from your phone and the remaining will need to be made by changing the things I mentioned above.

definitely would not make 5-10 the way you describe, they will all get banned very quickly.

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Thank you for your help!

Why do you suggest or yahoo? No phone verification? What about gmail?

Anybody else who wants to comment about using official for emails??? I am curious…

Concerning the account opening, do you know a software able to change ID, IP, ISP?

Hm, I didn’t get a notification…

Just because Gmail requires a phone number more often than the other two.

My advice would be to buy accounts as creating HQ ones will take time, you’re better off spending a few bucks having accounts on hand ready for your venture than burning through loads as you test the creation process.

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You can open a lot of accounts if you do it slow, IG just doesn’t like when you’re doing it very fast. You can use proxies though, email adress doesn’t matter

Are you 100% sure email doesn’t count? Can I safely use (example2, 3…) for 10 to 20 accounts?

Let’s say, opening one account per day max.

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Ok if you put it like that, you might encounter some issues. Imagine being a company and all your employees start Instagram for the Business. They would use your domain for the email adress as well!

And what is the problem with that? So are you saying I should avoid?

It’s like if NIKE wants to have NIKE USA, NIKE UK, NIKE CHINA… I don’t think there is a problem.

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That’s what I’m saying. Let’s say you have a company called Planner Business then your domains would all end with and if you allow your employees to create Instagram accounts, or demand it, it should be possible!

Try it out and let us know :slight_smile:

Maybe half and half? Half domain, half yahoo? Mix it up a bit.

I will try slowly and see how it goes. Thanks guys

I wouldn’t rush it because that could cause some problems

If I was you, and you really only need to create 10-15 accounts as a one time thing, I would just get a couple of friends or family to open the accounts on their phones and then transfer them over to a proxy and run them that way. I’ve done this for a number of accounts and haven’t had any major issues, and every time I had to do a verification I new exactly who created the account on their phone and it was an easy fix. Its also free :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps!

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