How to post * links to facebook?

Hello guys,

Did you know how to publish links from blogs to facebook? I see a lot of people, pages sharing these links, but every time when i start a new blog and publish some links the blog are immediately blocked for violating community standards of facebook. How to warm up it?

In the past i try to publish some links from 2 Blogspot blogs in my pages and result was unpublished pages from facebook and banned profiles who publishing the links. After this i can use this blogs to publish links on facebook, is not a problem now (after they disabled my fan pages), but i still have a problem with the new blogs, is impossible to publish anything from I get banned on the second link, this link was publish 3 days after the first one on two profiles. First one was published in profile 1, second one in profile 2, 3 days latter and the blog was blocked by facebook. The links including a photo galleries with 20 photos, but i try with some text articles, the result is the same. What do you think?

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