How to post to IG with browser?

An organisation I know would like to be able to post to Instagram through the PC, ideally for free as they don’t need any schedule software. I’ve seen some methods online in the past but nothing conclusive as it needs to be safe to ensure the account doesn’t get blocked.

Any suggestions for safe ways of doing this straight through PC?

Here ya go.


Thanks @wortime. That’s a good one for allowing proxies and switching up the UA.

I’ve also re-seen on the thread the method for clicking Inspect Element in Chrome. That didn’t work for me when I first tried it a while back but it did just then. For the others who are less technically inclined I think I will recommend them that method to try out first :slight_smile:

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You don’t necessarily need proxies, it’s optional. You might want to add an extension into chrome like “noscript” or a webrtc blocker though. IG has changed the game up a lot in the last few months.

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I’ll just explain that this is purely for an organisation’s official page where they’ll post their content to fans, doing no other real follows or likes. It’s just for the convenience of being able to post from PC instead of mobile.

Do those safety tips still apply then or is that more for accounts that would be doing promotional work?

I would say they still apply.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you think Multiloginapp would do the job? I’m just thinking if I gave them a profile set up in that where I could change the UA to mobile and the session would just be stored for them.

For what reason would a proxy be desired in this situation? They’ll only be using the one IG account on the same IP which they’ve accessed it on before in the past. Would that be fine?

To be honest I have not tested it with multloginapp, that would probably work and they have a webrtc scrubber as well.

Try it out, see if it works.

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I went to try it out on MLA with a mobile UA earlier. The only thing I wasn’t sure what to put was the Platform type (normally, Win32, MacIntel, etc.) so I didn’t try.

I gave it a shot with your method, just a WebRTC and UA Switcher extension and it turned into mobile view no worries for IG. If that’s a safe method then that’s also very easy for them as they can just save it as a Chrome profile.

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