How to promote a local hamburguer store?

I’m trying to promote a local hamburguer store.

First I did some IG ads (promoted posts) and got just a couple of likes.
Now I’m doing FB ads, but the results aren’t that good.

My target is to get sales via delivery. Is there some recommended strategy for this kind of business?

I’m used to growing accounts, never did local promotion before. Thanks for your help.

Imo it’s better to go full with IG and do mass dm to send people gift card or coupon? If the store account can do free burger giveaway from time to time it might help also.

If you promote something and it doesn’t work there can be 2 reasons:
You promote it in the wrong way.
The product or offer you are promoting isn’t very attractive.

I think that there is a small chance that people will directly order after seeing the ad. I mean… You wake up in the morning, see the ad. But you are used to have dinner in the evening.

I have experience with promoting local gyms. It works great with FB ads, targetting just everybody living in that area. I promote: Coupon for 1 free week at the gym. The costs for each lead are less than $3.

You could try something similar with your hamburgers.

Another thing you can try is promoting with many IG accounts. If you make 20 accounts you can target 3k-4k people a day. Don’t focus on growing. You must use the moment they check out your profile. Make a link to an offer with a discount coupon that will be sent to their email. And once you have their email you can spam their email weekly with a new menu of your restaurant. You can send DM’s to new followers pointing to an interesting offer and the link in your bio. Only don’t make the mistake to put the same link in all bios. There are ways around that.

  • Use only specific time, when your audience is going for a lunch
  • Target only really small area close to your restaurant
  • Try to target people working in offices
  • Try to use a chat bot, let them configure their burger /if restaurant allows it - use juicy images or videos in your messages of a burgers
  • offer promo codes, make giveaways from time to time
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scrape the data in IG of ur geolocation in follow sources
Interact with them send dm’s give away’s , increase ur engagment there are a lot of things u can try.
give it a shot And best of best of luck

Ok. So I abandoned the FB ads and now full on IG.

The 1st strategy was to send mass DMs. I hired a service here on MP and sent 5k to followers of some near located store’s followers. Results: 120 followers; 10 messages/contact; 2 sales.

2nd strategy was to create a fake promotions account, make a post promoting a burguer coupon, then buying mentions in a SM panel. I bought 2k mentions. Results: nothing. IG blocked most of the comments, the accounts were fake as hell.

Today/tomorrow I’ll try the mass DM again. But this time I’ll build a more quality list.I’m planning to filter by:

  • has profile picture
  • no link in bio
  • no business account
  • some decend following/follower (not sure what values I’ll use yet)
  • has active highlight (I think this will increase the quality of the list a lot)

What you guys think?

To whom you will be sending these DMs - to your current followers? If not, what will be your sources?

What is the content of DMs - are you including an image of your product? Try to attract them with some awesome image of your product.

Did you decide at what time you will be sending these? Maybe sending messages 1-2 hours before lunchtime, or dinner time would be a good idea.

Targeting followers of similar stores in the same region.

Content is something like this:

Hi. I’m promoting this hamburgueria. They have a delicious hamburguer with a cheap price. You can use the coupon XYZ10 to gain $10 off in your first order. Hope you enjoy it. Bye

They open at 19h, so I was planning to start DMing 2 hours before.

I’m not sure if I can attach an image on these mass DMs. I’ll check with the provider.

If you are really starting with “I’m promoting”, you should try to be more creative, try different versions and see which will work better. This is something that would reject me and wouldn’t read that kind of message further.