How to promote a magazine in Instagram

Hi guys,

I’m sure that many of you have experience in magazines/babes accounts, we never worked with one but this is a very important client with many other accounts, he wants to promote his new magazine, style is similar to playboy but without nudes, he already has a digital version and will be printing in UK soon.

Some details: basically he is reposting pics of models, that he work with, they know each other and models in regeral repost his stories and posts. The account is now 50K+ growing around 50 per day only.

So far he is only posting, nothing else, the account did couple of years ago F/UF.

The problem he is facing is Reach, each post gets around 2000 in 24 hours and stories around 400. He tried hashtags but never worked for him. Likes from 400 to 600 per post. Comments 15-25. Demographic: USA 15% Brazil 10% Mexico 5%

What ideas do you think we can implement in this type of account to increase the reach and grow as well, he really needs more reach to promote his paper magazine.

Thanks everyone!!!

  1. Get rid of the ghost/bot/fake followers
  2. Start engaging with your followers (create story posts, which will lead followers to send you DM’s)
  3. Start gaining followers via all kind of different growth services/strategies (I guess you use your own)
  4. Implement proper hashtags (I recommend
  5. Engage with followers in the comment section
  6. Check out similar niches & start conversate (in comment section) with competitor’s followers

You’ll have better reach & more active followers
7. Problem solved

Thanks Filipo:

I was looking for more specific actions for an account of this kind…
but let me tell you:
1…we checked and most of them are real and we didn’t find bots. (we scraped 52000 followers)
2. he is doing 5-10 stories every day, he got some DMs from models asking to be in the magazine and guys with stupid comments about the girls.
3. we are not doing anything external yet
4. seems that we cannot find any hashtag that works in the niche (most are banned)
5. he answers every single comment in every posts for the last 2 months
6. he does it with models that have 100K to couple of millons followers, not much gain from there so far
7. not solved :frowning:

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If these followers are real but inactive - try to DM them (10 - 25 people a day) or some other way to wake these followers up.
If for some reason they won’t see/reply to your DM, get rid of them

Hmm, then do something like a quiz (or similar) and make his followers send the answers to your DM’s
The main goal is to make followers to DM your client, and start having a short conversation’s with them. I’d encourage your client to do video or voice replies. These are more personalized and take less time.

Yeah, sounds reasonable. I’d only start the growth process once you solve the reach problem. And I would watch what followers your clinet receiving (kept removing all the low value ones).

Then look for more broad hashtags - if that won’t help, check out competitors what hashtags they are using (nevertheless, I guess you’ve done that - or there are no good ones).

Great! It should encourage more of his followers to comment aswell.

I’d focus on accounts with less followers (10 - 50k). These accounts have usually a lot more active user base.

I don’t mean to hijack your topic, was actually about to post a similar request for advice as I’ve just decided to relaunch a US based magazine very similar to your client. It was inactive for about 8 months and just rebranded, so naturally it’s dropping followers. Currently hovering at 14k and I’m sure it’ll dip much lower. Engagement isn’t terrible for the most part, in terms of likes, but comments are on the low side.

Based on what was said above, I have tried similar methods without much success, even copied the hashtags that other more popular magazines in the same genre have used. Some only use their own brand tag. Anyhow, hashtags haven’t worked in general really, not for this for whatever reason. I think the popularity of something often surpasses the way you get reach, ie. people tagging in hopes of being featured.

I’ve tried this too and the followers of them never really did much beyond engage with the models themselves, it’s like crazy fanboy behavior, only attached to the model - and they could care less about other content.

There is definitely some secret to magazine success that I haven’t figured out yet, personally. For example there’s this one mag that I’ve been following, the person who runs it has like 1k followers, the mag has 5k, and they’re constantly pumping out new original posts from multiple models and photographers. Maybe they’re getting paid but probably not, however it’s resulting in growth and high engagement, which I can’t seem to obtain at all.

However attempting the same outreach results in nothing but ghosting, even from followers who would most likely be happy to get featured :thinking:

Maybe it’s a follower source problem and bad targeting? Maybe all these magazines are just secretly funneling followers with private networks? If you ever figure out how to make his page grow, I’d appreciate any tips that worked for you!

Depending on your content you will be able or not to use hashtags, in my case amazing photographers, but in the artistic side, are featured, so hashtags cannot be used as most of them are banned.

My client is thinking now to build a network, he is thinking long term here.

Unfortunately there are millons of reposting accounts with babes/models so in my opinion is a very saturated niche.

Second idea is that we will tone down the images and go for ads. to promote the magazine.

If you want to network with him we can talk, DM me pls.

Completely agreed, the one thing that really bothers me about so many of these “magazines” is that they’re masquerading as original but all they do is repost and fail to tag/credit people, and you’re always seeing the artists complaining about it on the photos. Which fine, I get that’s the point of repost pages, I did it for a while, but when you’re a “magazine” and you just repost the same viral shots that others post, over and over, it starts to get old.

A bunch that I’ve been following keep posting the same featured reposted photos weeks or months later, like it’s “new” content they “discovered,” and it works for them… but it definitely oversaturates everything to the point of being totally worthless.

Yeah sure, maybe we can team up if the content aligns enough, no reason not to network with similar pages for at the very least comment groups, reposting/featuring eachothers content, at least in stories, to reach more people.

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Look for the bigger accounts/brands (sort of like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit) in your area and try to see what they are doing on IG. And I don’t mean to replicate it, but to actually understand their strategy and use bits of it in yours.

Good idea, but remember that big brands also invest in traditional marketing so just checking the IG accounts won’t give you many clues.
In the niche of magazines/newspapers or similar once you are stablished is other game, you promote your own IG in your paper, when you want to launch a new one is more difficult.

This occurs for all accounts in the media niche, TV,Radio,Press, etc they are in a tottally different league as they have their own ads channel.

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