How to Promote Website with Jarvee on Instagram?

Hello, I used Jarvee about 7 years ago, of course it was called something else then.
Now I come back and much has changed. I would like to promote my legal website on Instagram.

What is the best way to do this with Jarvee, do I need to direct many Instagram account to a website?

Does this make sense and work well?

For example, can I write the same website url in 100 Instagram accounts?

I would be very grateful for any tips!

Many greetings!

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Yes you can.

You can input same website to 100 different accounts. If you pull some stunts they may “flag” the website according to some but was not yet my experience.

thank you for your answer, and whats the best method today? i hear many accounts are blocked… do i need to M/S?