How to promote your product / affiliate links / business on Facebook

Today I wanted to share some of my tips for promoting on Facebook your products, affiliate links or anything else that is a matter of interest for you.

I use Jarvee for this, and that’s why I will be giving examples with it and linking to their tutorials but feel free to use whatever you are using.

So here are some easy steps on how to get started promoting with your Facebook account:

Step 1: Getting the FB accounts you would like to use

First what you need to do is to either buy accounts you want to use or to create them yourself. Buying is in my opinion better but only if you can buy some old accounts. Other than that, you would not benefit out of them if they are not aged Facebook accounts.

Step 2: Get some proxies if you are planning to run more than 2 accounts

All social platforms including Facebook are not a big fan of seeing multiple accounts being run from the same IP address. That’s why if you are planning to run more than two Facebook accounts for promoting purposes it’s better to use proxies for them.

Of course, the safest way would be running one account per proxy but I was running 2 Facebook accounts per proxy and it worked great for me.

Step 3: Do some random actions before you start promoting

Until you are sure that your account is warmed up properly I wouldn’t recommend you to start publishing. Only when you are sure that the account looks real and has got some good stats (number of friends, likes, comments etc.) only then you can start with some concrete actions.

I would recommend using Jarvee’s Contact tool to send friend requests with. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it properly:

You can automate giving likes and comments to preferred posts by using Comment&Like tool, and it’s very important to try targeting users that will be interested in your account so that you get some likes and comments from them as well. As I already mentioned I am using Jarvee so here is a tutorial about how to use this tool as well:

Step 4: Finding and Joining groups

So basically, what has proven to be the most efficient way of promoting is posting to groups and especially to those groups that have been close to your niche and where members are really interested in your Products.

So what you need to do is to find bunch of those groups, to join them and to start posting and all these actions can be automated with Jarvee.

If you’ve just created your account on FB, it’s best to warm it up a bit by automating other actions for some time and only then start joining groups.

After you are sure that the account is warmed up properly, you can start finding and joining groups. To recognize and to join groups that are close to your niche and where members could actually like and be interested in whatever you have to offer you can use Jarvee’s Finder and Joiner tools.

My recommendation is to join up to 10-15 Groups per day with 30-40 minutes delay between each join request.

To all the newbies out there who are not that familiar with these tools, here are tutorials from the Official Jarvee Website on how to use them:

Step 6: Posting to Groups

Once your join requests are accepted, and you are sure that the account is warmed up properly you can start with posting. Jarvee’s Campaign tool is the most powerful tool for posting right now and you can also find all the necessary tutorials about how to use it on Jarvee’s Official Knowledge base:

Here are some of my tips when posting:

  • Try not to overuse the posting because you can end up with getting restricted from posting,
  • It’s best to start with 10 posts per day and make sure that there is at least 1 hour delay between posts; after couple of days you can increase it to 20 posts,
  • It’s quite important that you use spintax so your posts doesn’t look the same on all those different groups,
  • Also, my recommendation is to use other tools while posting as well to make your account look the more natural as possible,
  • Make sure what you are posting is of high quality and doesn’t look like spam,
  • Use grabbing attention images and sentences,
  • Since you will start with posting with only 10 posts per day if you want to have higher reach, use more FB accounts and each one posting to 10 groups so if you are using 10 accounts, you will be posting to 100 groups instead of just 10 with 1 account but you need to make sure that there’s nothing that connects those accounts with each other.

Thanks for sharing @Jaha

These are basics of promoting on FB via FB groups.

What I would add here is to check the groups you found with Jarvee, see are they spammed to death, if they are, avoid them, your posts won’t get any attention, group members there probably Unfollowed the group.

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You are welcome @Adnan.

Yes, good point. Thanks. You should filter out those kind of groups because no benefits out of them.

Thanks for sharing. How long do you usually spend to warm up your accounts?

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Thank you @jaha for sharing :pray:

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You are welcome @ossi :smiley:

Well usually about two or three weeks of different random actions before you start joining and posting your content.

You are welcome @Luca :smiley:

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Thank you for your article,
Which proxy you can recommend me and how many accounts per proxy?

Also, do you recommend warming also aged account for 2-3 weeks or 1 week is ok?

I am using these:

You can run up to 2-3 accounts per proxy.

Well if it’s a new account then it’s better to go for 2-3 weeks of warming period. If it’s aged then 1-2 weeks should be fine.

I actually bought from them 2 proxies but got blocked even from New account and new proxy

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Great post…
I am using the same technique from 2 months so far and it delivered perfectly.

Im doing one thing differently and i feel its better for me, its that im posting the content to my page first and then the posts that i post on the groups are a share of my initial page post. By doing this im not sharing any external link on the groups and at the same time im getting to promote my page and my content. What do you guys think about this ?

One drawback im facing is that when using the JARVEE Finder tool im not able to see the number of users (members) for the group. Any fix for that ?

Maybe to try out proxies from 2-3 different proxy providers, test them and see what’s working the best for you

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