How to publish unique post for bulk of IG account?

Hi ! I have built a post list in a campain. How can I publish this post list for unique post to 100 IG accounts at specific time ? Thanks !

I personally dont recommend this. This is a good way to get all of your accounts linked together and banned by instagram.

Maybe I do it differently then other people (not sure because there isn’t really a good tutorial on here for posting to IG campaigns) but I never have more than 1 destination group to 1 campaign. You should Re-hash the image before posting it to another account/campaign to be sure they dont get linked by IG. Changing the meta-data is very important, if you’re posting to multiple accounts!

If you do for whatever reason try to post the same pic to 100 accounts, At least go to the advanced settings in the campaign you are promoting. Then select the general tab after it pops up. AND BE SURE to click “make images unique before posting” and make it either medium or hard. Easy does not change the hash much and could increase linking possabilities between accounts.

I’m overly tired so someone else chime in if i’m wrong please :smiley:
Hope I was of some help!

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Thanks @Babs. I have created 1 destination/campain then share my post list to this. Then shuffle image post in each camp pain… :D/. I think it’s ok

No problemo bud! happy I could help. Just respond back here to me if you need any more help :smiley:

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What @Babs said here is really important, try to avoid posting the same image to multiple Instagram accounts as much as you can or you are going to make it really easy for Instagram to link your accounts together.

If you use a Standard Campaign there’s an option in advanced settings to send only 1 post per account even if you have 1 campaign with 100 accounts in your destination list:


@Said Wow. It’s great. thank you so much. I got it :smiley:

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So create one campaign with all of my images and then make the destination list have my bulk accounts and I’m safe? I would like to post a different post on each account but from the same campaign since they are the same niche.